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March  17           Bolivar, MO                           Southwest Baptist University March  19           Spring Arbor, MI                   Spring Arbor University April 23               Richmond, BC                      Richmond Christian School May 24-25          Edmonton, AB                      YC 2014 June 4                 Colorado Springs, CO        Rocky Mountain CalvaryJune 6-8              North Webster, IN               Quaker Haven Camp June 16-20         Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Girls Camp June 22-25         Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Pre-Teen 1 June 25-28         Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Pre-Teen 2 June 30-July 4   Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Youth Camp 1 July 7 - 11           Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Youth Camp 2 July 14 - 18         Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Youth Camp 3 July 21 - 25         Woodlake, TX                      Power Plus Youth Camp 4 August  20           Tulare, CA                           Tulare Community Church Sept 25-28           Western Canada Tour       With Eric Samuel Timm Oct  2                    Medicine Hat, AB               Invitation Event Oct 3                     Westlock, AB                      Westlock Brothern Church Oct  4                    Grande Prairie, AB             Disturbing the Peace Conference Oct 24,25             Pambrun, SK                       Millar College
Originally from Northern Alberta Canada, Riley Armstrong has spent his entire adult life working as a professional musician. With Nashville record label deals, North American tours, and several albums under his belt, Riley moved to California in 2008 and began creating a new professional niche for himself as a music-comic.  “as a songwriter, the challenge has always been to write a great song.  But let me tell you, it’s even harder to write a song that is great AND funny...on purpose!” ~R.A. Riley’s songs are catchy, smart, funny and speak to daily human experiences that, seen through the witty lens of Riley’s perspective, help listeners recognize the comedy inside themselves as well as the humor that is all around us. Hearing Riley sing about normal life events like trying to kick one’s coffee addiction or a particularly strong affection for office supplies is not only entertaining and fun but it also makes one feel known. Who knew that the work of a music-comic could be downright therapeutic! “Laughter can bring unity in a way that few other things can." ~R.A. Riley’s songs and performance strike the hard-to-hit target of true family entertainment. His content is 100% clean, his musical skills are excellent and his style appeals to a broad demographic. We’ve all heard the phrase “fun for the whole family” too many times...but that’s exactly what Riley’s concerts are! With his engaging stage presence, impressive musicality, and hilarious between song commentary, once you’ve attended one live show, you won’t want to ever miss another.   In addition to concerts, Riley has crafted seminar talks that involve his music comedy but additionally offer insight for a growing business or organization. “Understanding the Millenial” and “Creativity Wins” are two of his most popular topics, and he is available for both public and private events.   In 2012 Riley coined the term "Head Wedgie" in his popular song of the same name, "Head Wedgie".  The song defines a Head Wedgie as: the descriptive condition of having a catchy melody that you keep singing over and over again… a.k.a. an ear worm. But Riley is convinced that "ear worm" is NOT a good name and sounds like a trip to the vet is needed.  Riley’s beloved wife, Shannon, and their children, Zeffren and Everley, provide all the love, happiness, and occasional songwriting inspiration a music-comic could dream of.   Check out Riley’s music:                                        book Riley for your event:                       
My son Zeffren and I collect Star Wars Lego. Here is part of our collection. 
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